Image credit: Weengushk Film Institute

Apply for the ISO Membership Circle

Are you a member of an Indigenous community, a resident of Canada, over the age of 18? Then you are eligible for the ISO Membership Circle!

The Indigenous Screen Office invites Indigenous individuals from the screen-based sector to apply to become members of the ISO’s Membership Circle. As our organization grows, so does the need for more committed and passionate people who want to help shape the future of the Indigenous Screen Office.

What’s expected of the Membership Circle?

  • Members will be expected to attend the Annual General Meeting where the annual report will be presented including audited financial statements; the report of the public accountant; a presentation of the financial statements as applicable and as approved by the Board; the selection of the auditors or the public accountant for the next fiscal year; amendments to by-laws; election of directors; and any updates to the Membership Circle.
  • Other decision-making as determined by Board resolution.
  • Members will serve a two-year term and no more than four years consecutively.
  • Members will be approved by the Board of Directors.
Image credit: Louise BigEagle. Film: “To Wake Up the Nakota Language”
Image credit: Weengushk Film Institute

The Indigenous Screen Office’s Membership Circle will prioritize new members from provinces and territories currently not represented. We are currently not seeking new members from Ontario. Members remain eligible for ISO funding.

If you would like to become a part of the ISO’s Membership Circle, please send your letter of interest, outlining your skills, commitment and professional bio to