Sound Design Program - ISO-BEA

Program Overview

Are you passionate about creating captivating sounds and sonic atmospheres for moving images? Are you interested in using sound to tell stories in film and television? The craft of sound design is a rich and intricate craft. This program offers an opportunity to further develop your skills as someone working in sound and aims to provide a path to a professional career in sound design and audio post production for film and television.

This 12 week paid mentorship program is an opportunity for someone working in audio to gain practical experience in the area of sound design and audio post production. The program will be shaped to build on the participants current skill set. At the end of the term the candidate should have sufficient experience to continue developing a successful audio post career having gained fundamental skills and experience and formed meaningful relationships with key peers in the industry.

Program Summary

Who Can Apply

For creatives working in audio to gain practical experience in the area of sound design and audio post production.


The ideal candidate will be passionate about working in audio post production for film and television.

Key Dates

Opening Date

Closing Date

Submission Process and Notification

An initial review for eligibility and missing documentation will be conducted by the ISO Program Manager. This program will be assessed by a review committee made up of representatives from the ISO and program partners;

Program Eligibility Criteria

Please note the spirit and intent of ISO funding is to support Indigenous creators and companies that are controlled by Indigenous people, who have decision-making authority and creative control.

For the purposes of ISO programs, “Indigenous” is defined as status and non-status First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples of Canada. All applicants must be residents of Canada and reside in Ontario.

Please consult the Building Trust and Accountability: Report on Eligibility in the Indigenous Screen Sector which informs the ISO in regards to Indigenous identity, relationality, and access to funding programs. We also encourage applicants to consult the ISO’s working document on identity: ISO Policies and Processes for Eligibility in Relation to Indigenous Identity.

General Criteria

All applicants to ISO programs must confirm they have read the General Funding Guidelines prior to submitting an application.

Eligible Applicants

This opportunity is available to:

  • First Nations, Inuit and Métis person residing in Ontario;
  • Competent in working in Pro Tools on a Mac based system;
  • Previous experience creating sound design for film and media projects is preferred;
  • Graduation from an audio engineering program is not a requirement but it is an asset;
  • The successful candidate will possess keen attention to detail and good collaboration and communication skills;
  • This program is also open to candidates with music production experience who would like to migrate into sound design/audio post for film and television.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Pro Tools Studio (updated within the last year);
  • Mac computer (Can be laptop, imac, or power mac);
  • Quality headphones.

Note: Costs associated with software subscriptions during the program will be paid for.

Ideal items but not necessary:

  • Soundly subscription;
  • Soundminer (Sound FX database management software);
  • Reference monitors.

Program Activities

The program is anticipated to run for 12 weeks starting in April 2024 and will be approximately 30 hours per work week. The work schedule is flexible and most work will be done remotely, although some travel will be included as part of this opportunity.

The candidate will work on a variety of projects as a sound editor and sound designer. They will create and edit sound effects and dialogue under the guidance/direction of Michelle Irving and staff at Rolling Picture Company. As Michelle Irving is freelance, there may be opportunities to engage with work at other facilities in Toronto.

The Fellow will have the opportunity to learn and assist in areas such as:

  • sound editing sfx
  • sound editing dialogue
  • sound design
  • mixing (at least understanding that process and some basic mix assist tasks)
  • sfx library
  • spotting sessions
  • adr recording
  • foley


The successful applicant producer fellow will receive an hourly wage of $22/hr for the duration of the 12 week placement.

Application Requirements

  • Applicant CV and bio
  • An expression of interest answering the following questions:
    • What inspired you to start a career in sound, describe your journey with sound so far?
    • What does the term “sound design” mean to you? Feel free to give an example.
    • What skills are you hoping to develop during a sound design mentorship?
    • What do you bring to this opportunity that would make you an ideal candidate?
    • After this mentorship, what would be your next career goals?
  • Links to examples of work if available.

Program Closure

If applicants wish to access their application, they must contact within 10 business days of the program’s closure. The ISO will provide a downloaded copy if requested. Otherwise, all in-progress applications will be deleted 10 business days after the program has been officially closed.

Accessibility Funding

The ISO provides up to $500.00 CAD in additional funding to cover accessibility costs incurred during the stages of applying for funding, completing a project, and writing your final report. Requests for support are encouraged at least two weeks prior to the application due date.

If you have barriers to access including but not limited to language, internet or physical barriers, please contact the ISO to discuss accommodations and support at

Support may include telephone or video application submission, language interpretation, or support worker assistance. Equipment purchases are not eligible for accessibility support.

Eligibility Review

An initial review for eligibility and missing documentation will be conducted by the ISO Program Manager. The ISO program manager will reach out if any of this information is needed and applicants will be given a short period (maximum 10 days) to submit anything outstanding.

Ineligible or incomplete applications can be withdrawn at any time in the process. Applicants will be notified by the ISO when the application is withdrawn.


If at any time, an Applicant, as required by the Criteria or as requested by the ISO, provides false information or omits or misrepresents material information in connection with an application, including with respect to Indigenous identity, such provision of false information, omission or misrepresentation will be considered an event of default and the ISO may exercise the following contractual rights:

  • termination of any contracts, including any remedies thereunder;
  • denial of eligibility for existing and future funding;
  • repayment of any funds already advanced; and
  • civil and potential criminal prosecution, in the case of fraud.

These measures may be imposed not only on the Applicant but also on related, associated and affiliated companies and individuals that are parties to the application. Any Applicant receiving approval for funding will be required to sign a legally enforceable agreement, which includes provisions concerning misrepresentations, defaults, and related matters.

Final Reporting

A final report will be required within three months following the completion of the program. Applicants with overdue final reports will not be eligible for Indigenous Screen Office funding until the report is submitted and approved.

Recognition of Contribution

Recipients must acknowledge ISO support with textual reference and/or logo in the credit sequence, or appropriate placement in the completed work (where applicable). ISO logos are available for download.

When sharing information about your participation in the proposed activity. Please also tag the ISO on any social media posts related to this funding:

  • Instagram – indigenousscreen
  • Twitter – screen_office
  • Facebook – ISO.BEA

Questions are encouraged at least two weeks prior to submission or the application closing date and may be directed at any time to

How to Apply

Please read and complete the following steps prior to submitting your application.

  1. Read the ISO General Funding Guidelines Policy

  2. Read the ISO Determining Indigenous Identity Guide

  3. You are ready to complete the application

Deadline Reminder


If you have any accommodation needs or barriers to access including but not limited to:

  • disability need
  • language or translation needs
  • low bandwidth
  • limited internet access
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.

Recognition of Contribution