Cinespace Technician Roster - ISO-BEA

Program Overview

The Indigenous Screen Office is a proud partner of the newly launched CineCares Training Program by Cinespace Studios Toronto for crew roles. Selected trainees will receive training via IATSE Local 873 prior to being placed on a production. Total time commitment will be up to 12 weeks, full time. Trainees will be deemed a permittee with IATSE Local 873 and remunerated accordingly.

Program Summary

Who Can Apply

For Indigenous screen-based creators.


The Indigenous Screen Office is a proud partner of the newly launched CineCares Training Program by Cinespace Studios Toronto for crew roles.

Project Stage


Key Dates

Opening Date

Closing Date

Accepting submissions on a rolling basis based on available productions.

Submission Process and Notifcation

Submissions must be completed here. The ISO will contact candidates with placements opportunities once a production has been identified.

Note: There is no guarantee of placements and the number of opportunities will depend on available productions.

Program Eligibility Criteria

The spirit and intent of ISO funding is to support Indigenous storytelling and screen-based projects that are controlled by Indigenous people, who have decision-making authority and creative control.

For the purposes of ISO programs, “Indigenous” is defined as status and non-status First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples of Canada. All applicants must be residents of Canada and have spent 8 months out of the last year living in Canada. .

Please consult the ‘Building Trust and Accountability: Report on Eligibility in the Indigenous Screen Sector’ which informs the ISO in regards to Indigenous identity, relationality, and access to funding programs. We also encourage applicants to consult the ISO’s working document on identity: ISO Policies and Processes for Eligibility in Relation to Indigenous Identity.

General Eligibility Criteria

  • Indigenous Individuals
  • Age of majority in the province of Ontario
  • Residents of Ontario and/or ability to legally work in Ontario
  • Fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 (proof required)
  • Some experience working on film or television production(s) but not currently a permittee or member of IATSE Local 873
  • Interest in becoming a crew member in film and television in categories such as Set Decoration, Props, Grip, Electric, and General Labour
  • Ability to travel to various parts of the city (Toronto) well outside of the downtown core on a daily basis

Application Requirements

  • Letter of interest (why are you interested in this opportunity and what are your short and long term career goals);
  • Resume

Funding Process and Priorities

The ISO will review all applications to ensure eligibility. Internal assessment will take place once a production has been identified. Best efforts will be made to secure placements that build on participants’ experience and skillset.

There is no guarantee of placements and the amount of opportunities will depend on available productions.

Accessibility and Accommodation

The ISO provides up to $500.00 CAD in additional funding to cover accessibility costs incurred during the stages of applying, completing a project, and writing your final report.

If you have barriers to access including but not limited to language, internet or physical barriers, please contact the ISO to discuss accommodations and support at

General Criteria

All applicants to ISO programs must confirm they have read the General Funding Guidelines prior to submitting an application.

Eligibility Review

An initial review for eligibility and missing documentation will be conducted by the Program Manager. The ISO will reach out if additional information is needed and applicants will be given a short period (maximum 10 business days) to submit any outstanding documents.

*Ineligible or incomplete applications can be withdrawn at any time in the process. Applicants will be notified by the ISO when the application is withdrawn.


If at any time, an Applicant, as required by the Criteria or as requested by the ISO, provides false information or omits or misrepresents material information in connection with an application, including with respect to Indigenous identity, such provision of false information, omission or misrepresentation will be considered an event of default and the ISO may exercise the following contractual rights:

  • termination of any contracts, including any remedies thereunder;
  • denial of eligibility for existing and future funding;
  • repayment of any funds already advanced; and
  • civil and potential criminal prosecution, in the case of fraud.

These measures may be imposed not only on the Applicant but also on related, associated and affiliated companies and individuals that are parties to the application. Any Applicant receiving approval for funding will be required to sign a legally enforceable agreement, which includes provisions concerning misrepresentations, defaults, and related matters

Recognition of Contribution

When sharing information about your participation in the proposed activity, please also tag the ISO on any social media posts related to this contribution :

  • Instagram – indigenousscreen
  • Twitter – screen_office
  • Facebook – ISO.BEA

Questions are encouraged and may be directed at any time to Application form can be found here.

How to Apply

Please read and complete the following steps prior to submitting your application.

  1. Read the ISO General Funding Guidelines Policy

  2. Read the ISO Determining Indigenous Identity Guide

  3. You are ready to complete the application.

Deadline Reminder

Accepting submissions on a rolling basis based on available productions.


If you have any accommodation needs or barriers to access including but not limited to:

  • disability need
  • language or translation needs
  • low bandwidth
  • limited internet access
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.

Recognition of Contribution