Finishing Fund - ISO-BEA

Maximum Funding Amounts

  • $60,000
  • $30,000 for Web Series

Program Overview

The Finishing Fund program provides support to Indigenous-owned screen-based companies in the post-production stage of shorts, feature films, web and television series. Eligible applicants must have previously secured production funding through either: Canada Media Fund’s peer-assessed Indigenous Program, Telefilm’s peer-assessed Indigenous Initiatives program, a government Indigenous-specific arts grant, or the ISO**.

This funding is intended to support projects to ensure their success in the completion and readiness for delivery of projects to audiences that have demonstrated a clear need for these funds.

**The ISO will consider projects that have obtained national broadcaster or other public funding in lieu of Indigenous peer assessed projects, on a case by case basis

Program Summary

Who Can Apply

Provides support to Indigenous-owned screen-based companies in the post-production stage of shorts, feature films, web and television series.

Project Type

Shorts, feature films, web and television series.

Project Stage


Key Dates

Opening Date

Closing Date

Rolling deadline or until .

Submission Process and Notification

Applications must be completed in the ISO portal We encourage prospective applicants to utilize the Application Checklist provided on the website.

Administrative follow ups may be conducted via email for additional information on the application if required. Projects will be assessed on a continual basis until funding for the program is depleted or until March 1, 2024.

Projects will be assessed as quickly as possible, with notifications provided within 1-3 months. Please expect delays for the holiday closure in December. Funding amounts may be lower than requested due to annual budget limitations.

Program Eligibility Criteria

The spirit and intent of ISO funding is to support Indigenous storytelling and Indigenous companies that are controlled by Indigenous people, who have decision-making authority and creative control.

For the purposes of ISO programs, “Indigenous” is defined as status and non-status First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples of Canada. All applicants must be residents of Canada and have spent 8 months out of the last year living in Canada.

Please consult the Building Trust and Accountability: Report on Eligibility in the Indigenous Screen Sector which informs the ISO in regards to Indigenous identity, relationality, and access to funding programs.

Applicants to this program must be corporations that:

  • Are Indigenous-controlled with a minimum 51% ownership by person/s who are First Nations, Inuit or Métis who is/are citizens or permanent residents of Canada who have resided in Canada for at least eight months over the last one-year period;
  • Are applying for a project that is under the financial and creative control of Indigenous persons; Two of the members of the key creative team (director, screenwriter, showrunner/producer) must be Indigenous.
  • Are registered as a corporation with its head office in Canada;
  • Have letters of Incorporation, a shareholder registry, and bios for each owner of the company must be provided as well as their individual percentage of ownership.
  • Are in the business of production or support of screen-based content, including TV, film, web, digital narrative content, and XR (VR, AR).
  • Is not insolvent or bankrupt, or in the course of the reorganization of its business within the meaning of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada);
    Holds 100% of the copyright of the project; must be owned, controlled, or optioned by the applicant (except for inter-provincial or international treaty co-productions).

Other Eligibility Criteria

  • The project has previously been awarded through an Indigenous Peer Assessment panel by either Telefilm or CMF, government Arts grants, or previously funded by the ISO; [Projects supported by a national broadcaster or other public funders may be considered. Please contact the Program Manager to discuss.]
  • Production companies cannot receive funding from other ISO programs for the same initiative. For example, funding for trainees cannot be included in another application to ISO Funding Programs for the same roles on a project;
  • The applicant can accept a direct deposit in the name of the company.
  • Must be in good standing with ISO.

Contribution Amount

The maximum recommended amount in this program is $60,000 or $30,000.00 for Web Series’ projects. The ISO will provide funds until the available funding has been depleted. If your project requires funding above the recommended threshold, please contact us at to set up a meeting.

*Note applicants may receive less than the request amount as determined by the internal review.


ISO applicants to this program can access this funding for the following activities (but not limited to):

  • Any Post-Production activities, not previously budgeted or under-funded in the original Post-Production budget (this needs to be clearly defined in the budget notes);
  • Hiring of additional post-production creatives and technical expertise;
  • Continuation of cultural and community engagement work;
  • Engagement with experts, consultants, mentors, or knowledge keepers or other professional consultation in relation to the project


  • Above the line and Post Production fees;
  • Fees and honorariums for community engagement with experts, consultants/advisors, mentors, or knowledge keepers or others;
  • Translation and language support;
  • Accessibility costs during post-production;
  • Technology and facility expenses related to the project; ;
  • Special effects; and colour grading
  • Online edit,title creation;
  • Music composition; Sound editing and mixing;
  • Voice-over work, versioning;
  • Mastering, output time and materials;
  • Master copies and some screening formats (such as DCP);
  • Other associated project costs clearly identified with project description. Please speak with the Program Manager for any questions related to additional eligible expenses specific to your application.
  • Travel costs (if applicable)

*Recoupable expenses (work that has already been completed) are not eligible for support within this program.

Application Requirements

  • Articles of incorporation, and/or relevant ownership agreements, individual percentages of ownership;
  • Bios and CVs for all owners, and key roles for all owners in the project;
  • Project summary, description of previous relevant initiatives and outcomes;
  • Rationale for the required support;
  • Names, bios and roles listed for Key Creatives in phase;
  • Confirmation letters or contracts for confirmed funding sources;
  • Community engagement plans (when applicable), including information about existing community relationships, protocols, etc;
  • For training costs: Applicants must submit a detailed training plan, including bios/CVs for trainees. If trainees are unconfirmed, a recruitment plan must be submitted. Outcomes for trainees must be explained and impact should be clearly articulated;
  • A link to the rough cut (can be in an early stage of a film, or one (1) eps. for a series);
  • An up to date Cost Report, financial structure, and post-production budget – must use the template provided separating out ISO expenditures;
  • A detailed post-production schedule.

Funding Process and Priorities

The spirit and intent of ISO funding is to support companies that are controlled by Indigenous people, who have decision-making authority and creative control. The ISO will consider the size of the contribution in relation to what has already been accomplished on the project, how the project activities align with the goals, budget, and project schedule. Funding is discretionary – that is, the ISO is guided by the criteria to decide where best to allocate the funding available. All projects are assessed on a first-come-first-served basis and until the fund is depleted at the end of each fiscal year.

Assessment Criteria

ISO staff will assess each application in line with the program focus, the assessment criteria listed in our General Funding Guidelines and as follows:

  • Regional and intersectional representation;
  • Relationality and Context;
  • Storytelling and Approach; Cultural Protocols, Respect and Care are demonstrated;
  • Viability of the project including its leads, feasibility (scope, timeline, budget) and the overall potential impact.
  • Availability of funds, ISO mandate, and strategic goals.
  • Clear demonstration of additional need in Post Production.

Program Closure

Please note, the ISO may close the program without notice, when the funding allocation has been depleted for the fiscal year.

Once the funding has been depleted, the ISO will:

  • Close the program in ISO Apply;
  • Update the website, and announce the closure on social media;
  • Send a notice via ISO Apply to all applicants with open applications that the program is now closed.

If applicants wish to access the application after the program has closed, please contact within 10 business days of the program’s closure. The ISO will provide a downloaded copy if requested. Otherwise, all in-progress applications will be deleted 10 business days after the program has been officially closed.

Accessibility and Accommodation

The ISO provides up to $500.00 CAD in additional funding to cover accessibility costs incurred during the stages of applying, completing a project, and writing your final report.

If you have barriers to access including but not limited to language, internet or physical barriers, please contact the ISO to discuss accommodations and support at

General Criteria

All applicants to ISO programs must confirm they have read the General Funding Guidelines prior to submitting your application.

Eligibility Review

An initial review for eligibility and missing documentation will be conducted by the ISO Story Fund Program Manager. The ISO program manager will reach out if any of this information is needed and applicants will be given a short period (maximum 10 business days) to submit anything outstanding.

*Ineligible or incomplete applications can be withdrawn at any time in the process. Applicants will be notified through the ISO Apply portal when the application is deemed Ineligible.


If at any time, an Applicant, as required by the Criteria or as requested by the ISO, provides false information or omits or misrepresents material information in connection with an application, including with respect to Indigenous identity, such provision of false information, omission or misrepresentation will be considered an event of default and the ISO may exercise the following contractual rights:

  • termination of any contracts, including any remedies thereunder;
  • denial of eligibility for existing and future funding;
  • repayment of any funds already advanced; and
  • civil and potential criminal prosecution, in the case of fraud.

These measures may be imposed not only on the Applicant but also on related, associated and affiliated companies and individuals that are parties to the application. Any Applicant receiving approval for funding will be required to sign a legally enforceable agreement, which includes provisions concerning misrepresentations, defaults, and related matters.

Final Reporting

A final report will be required within three months following the completion of the project. Applicants with overdue final reports will not be eligible for ISO funding until the report is submitted and approved.

Recognition of Contribution

Recipients must acknowledge ISO support with textual reference and/or logo in the credit sequence, or appropriate placement in the completed work (where applicable). ISO logos are available for download on the ISO website.

When sharing information about your participation in the proposed activity, please also tag the ISO on any social media posts related to this contribution :

  • Instagram – indigenousscreen
  • Twitter – screen_office
  • Facebook – ISO.BEA

Finishing Fund FAQs

When should I apply for this program funding?
Applicants should apply to this program once they have completed principal photography of their project and before the post production costs that require support have been incurred. Applicants with a strong rationale for support are encouraged to apply.
What is the demand for this program?
There is an increasing demand in this program and we encourage you to start your application early to ensure your eligibility and that you have adequate time or resources to make a complete application.
What is the maximum amount of funding I can request in this program?
Up to $60,000.00 and to $30,000.00 for web series. A reminder that the ISO can allocate less than the requested amount to successful projects.
What happens to my in-progress application if the program closes before I submit?
Please refer to the “Program Closure” section of the guidelines. If you wish to access the application after the program has closed, please contact within 10 business days of the program’s closure.
What if I or my company already has received previous ISO funding for the same project?
If the main applicant(s)/company currently has an ISO supported project that is not yet complete or reported on from another program,, the applicant will be required to submit a Final report on the previous application first with a current budget.
The project I am applying with has already been funded in a previous round of ISO Finishing Funds. Can I apply again to this program?
Unfortunately, applications to this program that have already received previous ISO Finishing Funds will not be eligible to apply again.
I’m not sure my project is a good fit for this program.
Reach out!

Maximum Funding Amounts

  • $60,000
  • $30,000 for Web Series

How to Apply

Please read and complete the following steps prior to submitting your application.

  1. Read the ISO General Funding Guidelines Policy

  2. Read the ISO Determining Indigenous Identity Guide

  3. Read the Finishing Fund Guidelines outlined on this page or download the PDF

  4. Complete the Finishing Fund application checklist

  5. You are ready to complete the application in the ISO Apply Portal

Deadline Reminder

Rolling basis application process – accepting applications until funding is depleted or until .


If you have any accommodation needs or barriers to access including but not limited to:

  • disability need
  • language or translation needs
  • low bandwidth
  • limited internet access
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.

Recognition of Contribution